Happy Birthday America

4th-of-julyHappy Birthday America! America, come July 4, 2013 you’re only going to be 237 years old.  Without all the soldiers of the American Revolutionary War, we might not have this freedom to celebrate!

Whether you’re grilling with your family and friends, at the lake swimming and fishing, or shooting off fireworks remember the fallen that gotten us here today.  It’s another good time to support the veterans, who fought for our freedom and safety, and the troops who are still out there today supporting that same cause. Here at O’Daniel Automotive Group we support the local veterans, and this year we will continue to do so with our 8th Annual Jeep Jam.

Jeep Jam is a huge event supported by O’Daniel Automotive Group and local businesses around town.  Last year Jeep Jam raised over 20,000 dollars for the Disabled American Veterans. They have tons of events; for example, a silent auction, food, Jeep ride, bands, trail riding, and much more. Admission for Jeep Jam is free at the dealership, and there is a fee for the trails. For more information about Jeep Jam visit their page at http://odzjeepjam.com/


Some fun Facts about July 4th!

  • In 2012 according to census.com almost 220 million dollars’ worth of fireworks was imported from China.


  • 56 Signers signed the Declaration of Independence.


  • About 155 million hot dogs were consumed on the 4th of July according to www.overstock.com.


  • Cleveland.com stated, “Presidents John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe all died on the Fourth. Adams and Jefferson died on the same day within hours of each other in 1826.”


BE SAFE!!! Have a Happy Independence Day!