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MPG-blogSaving That Precious Fluid

                Some of us can remember when fuel was a dollar per gallon, but in these times gas has reached an all-time high of almost five dollars! Many of us feel we can’t do anything about the price of fuel, but we can! Many places around town offer discounts in some way, shape, or form, but we can offer you another aid for your pocket.  Purchasing a newer vehicle may seem like spending a lot of money, but it can actually save you money in the long run. We’ll tell you about a few different options!

                If you like smaller economic cars Mazda and Ford have two great gas savers! According to, Mazda’s 2013 Mazda2 gets an amazing estimated 29 miles per gallon (MPG) in the city, and up to 35 MPG on the highway with their manual transmission, or get an automatic transmission, and the estimated MPG’s is 28 in the city, and 34 MPG on the highway! Ford offers the Ford Fiesta! states the 2014 Ford Fiesta gets an estimated 27 city/ 38 highway MPG with a manual, and 29 city/ 39 highway with an automatic transmission.

Want something a bit bigger? The 2013 Ford Focus offers an estimated MPG as low as 26 in the city and 30 on the highway, or as high as 28 in the city and 40 on the highway. shows the miles per gallon depend on the transmission type you choose, Ford offers a variety of options with the Focus. Opting for a 2013 Mazda Mazda3 wouldn’t be a bad idea; as reports they offer an estimated 22 MPG city/29 on the highway, or up to 28 in the city/40 on the highway. Also, depending on which transmission you pick Mazda offers SKYACTIV-G technology that helps improve gas economy.

A couple of good size family sedans are the 2014 Mazda Mazda6, and the 2013 Ford Fusion. The 2013 Ford Fusion comes standard with a gasoline engine, but they do have hybrid/hybrid plug-in. The gasoline engine offers an estimated 22 MPG in the city/ 34 on the highway, up to an estimated 23 in the city/ 36 on the highway as reported by The hybrid gets an estimated 47 MPG in the city and highway, but the hybrid plug-in averages 44 in the city and 43 on the highway. As stated by the 2014 Mazda Mazda6 has a 25 city/37 highway with a manual transmission, or 26 city/ 38 high way with an automatic transmission.


If a car just isn’t your style, these SUV’s could be. Jeep, Ford, and Mazda push the limits with these SUV’s! You might be wondering, or you might not even know if these SUV’s could get a good gas mileage with all the perks. boasts about its  CX-5 getting an estimated MPG being 26 city/ 35 highway with a manual front wheel drive model, but it doesn’t change much with the automatic transmission still offering 26 city,  and 32 on the highway.  The All-Wheel drive model of the CX-5 is still offering a surprising 25 city/ 31 highway. So, you’re not compromising much with this SUV! reports the 2014 Jeep Compass gives an estimated MPG as 23 city/ 30 highway with the Sport model, and 21 city/ 28 highway with the Latitude and Limited models.  Last, but definitely not least is the 2014 Ford Escape! The Ford Escape has three models that offer front and all-wheel drives. As seen on the Escape S gets an estimated 22 city/ 31 highway, but step up to the SE front wheel drive and it gets an estimated 23 city/ 32 highway. The 1.6 liter with the all-wheel drive model gives an approximate MPG as 22 city/ 30 highway.  Go with the 2.0 liter SE front wheel drive model, and get a reported 22 city/ 30 highway.