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The Mazda brand is well know for its stylish looks, family comfort, and factory performance. Along with these important features, Mazda cars are some of the top rated cars for safety from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

The different models made by Mazda are all unique in their own right. The Mazda 3 is a base model coupe, sedan, but still carries all the needed power to impress the drivers with a heavy foot. Also, the Mazda3 comes in a 5-door hatchback.

Mazda makes a family sedan, known as the Mazda 6. Even though this model is geared for the family, it still has the zoom-zoom feeling that Mazda is known for. With top rated safety features, and a stylish deisgn, the Mazda6 is sure to please any family.

Some families decide to go for the crossover SUV, like the CX-7. Mazda builds this model with 2 comfortable rows, and enough storage for a nice family trip.the Mazda CX7 is the perfect vehicle for a small family, and the 4WD capability is a plus!

A bigger family would want to look at the 7-passenger Mazda CX-9. Not only is the CX9 comfortable for all passengers (even third row!), the driver has the zoom-zoom feeling that most other SUVs cannot compete with.

One of the most popular models that Mazda has come out with is the Mazda Miata MX-5. The 2 seater car has the juice that most heavy feet would feel to be enough. With an available convertible hardtop or soft top, the MX5 is one of the best sporty car values that you can find.

The Mazda RX-8 is the only car that uses the RENESIS rotary engine. With such a unique engine, the true gear heads are out to see exactly how it works. The Mazda RX8 is also unique in that it has 4 doors. The light weight and unique design make this one a fun car to drive fast.

Mazda also makes the Mazda Tribute, the boxier SUV. With 2 rows, 2 engines choices, and different trim levels, make this one your own. The Mazda Tribute gives you the awesome ride and comfort you have come to know from Mazda.

The only minivan Mazda now makes is the Mazda 5. About half the size of the MPV, this van still gives you the storage you need, with the ability to use the 3rd row as a spot to sit the kids, or store what you are traveling with. The Mazda5 has 2 sliding doors, and drives like a smaller car, so no more fear!

O’Daniel Mazda is the only dealer for a 60 mile radius. Other dealers in Indiana Ohio and Michigan are: Reineke Mazda, Tom Roush Mazda, Les Stanford Mazda, Mike’s Mazda, Ray Skillman Mazda West, Basney Mazda, Hayes Mazda, Wagner Mazda, Hubler Mazda, Crippen Mazda, Brown Mazda, Matt Castrucci Mazda, Jeff Schmitt Mazda, Don Ayres Honda, Fort Wayne Kia, Bob Rohrman Acura Subaru, Evans Toyota, Fort Wayne, Toyota

ODaniel Mazda fully supports all manufacturer pricing. The Drive-Off event was a great way to get a very cheap lease on a lot of vehicle. Also, esecially with our lease owners, Mazda offers loyalty cash most months out of the year.

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